Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Reflections on 2007

This is my work in progress reflecting some of the things I'm reflecting on at the end of 2007.

Cittio played a really big role in my life this year. It was an uneasy decision for me to leave Cal Berkeley and the Space Sciences Lab. I miss my friends, I miss the Lab, and I miss the SETI program. Only time will tell if, ultimately, it was the right move. The jury is still out.

When I came to Cittio, I started out working with Leo and Werner in the Technical Support Department. I thought that would be pretty much an easy job for me to do. Kick back in a comfy chair with a brewski and solve the world's network monitoring problems with a headphone and an upbeat personality.

It wound up being pretty much like this:

Some friends have suggested that I'm riding the next tech bubble. Not to intentionally mix metaphors but I've made a career out of surfing the wave that comes in. Even before I was formally in high technology I seem to have been doing that. Back in '77 when I was a groundling at the state museum of sci and ind I paid all of Jasmyne's hospital bills by surfing the L.A. wave of low-budget horror and sci-fi movies of the time and selling a script that got us over.

But when networked computing started to sweep the land a few years later, it was my "Big Wednesday" (if you surf, then you know) and I've ridden that wave about 25 years inland. There have been a few moments when it seemed there was nothing but beach break but, all in all, I've had an excellent ride. Tech bubble? This captures some of sentiments:

This year I also got caught in the tractor beam of Web 2.0. Most of which seems to be hyper-hype to an old-timer such as myself. Nonetheless one of the best and concise explanations of Web 2.0 I've ever seen is this short feature:

More to come...

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